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Adam Davis Real Estate
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My name is Adam. I'm here to offer a white-glove, coast-to-coast, concierge level of service for sophisticated buyers & sellers who require distinction, discretion, tenacity, and skill in their real estate trading. I bring more than a decade of storytelling & filmmaking experience to the table, and pride myself on my novel "fine-art approach" to real estate marketing; the story of your home is what sells it, and if your house has a good story to tell, it sells well. Not every client is the same, just like every home is different, and as such, every transaction should be curated to suit you: the way you want to navigate the deal, the way you want to negotiate, and the result you're looking for. I'm licensed in Georgia, Oregon, Washington and soon California, and I am ready to deploy my global referral partners to meet your needs regardless of where you have set your sights to land, or where you're coming from--whether it's hands-on with me, or with one of my most trusted colleagues. I strive to provide a true luxury experience, so if you have special requirements like private car service (no Ubers here), private security, or local personal assistance, please let me know.

If luxury isn't your love language, I am eager to serve you by connecting you with one of my first-time-homebuyer, VA, or conventional homebuyer specialist partners nationwide and personally overseeing your new-home purchase or sale. If you're an investor, so am I! I personally oversee a portfolio of single-family luxury rentals, rehabs, and flips worth more than $20mm in the Pacific Northwest (ask for references and portfolio), and I'm happy to offer insight and expertise in your own portfolio objectives; I specialize in creative financing and hard money for investors, and can help connect the dots for your next acquisition phase.

Whatever your goals, whether here in the Atlanta area or beyond, let me help you live your lifestyle by design. The story of your home is the story of you, and I'm thrilled to help you tell it. What story will you tell?

Adam Davis Real Estate (ADRE)

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